Stop and smell the roses…

I’ve been really busy, as busy as a bee. While I have been busy, my flowers have been busy too, putting on their annual display of prettiest blooms. After pruning and watering in the cool of the evening, I stopped to smell the roses and take in all the beauty of the garden. It is my paycheck for all the tending the rest of the year. 

My French and English Lavender is covered in bees.

This rose opened in a triple blossom, making a bouquet all of its own.

Double delight is perfectly named because of it’s lovely scent and the vibrant blush against the creamy center. A double treat for both the eyes and nose.

I love the blush roses because I can’t always commit to just one color. This is a peace rose. I love it for what it stands for and that seems to be what we all desire the most.

Day lillies are named for the fact that each flower that opens lasts for one day and the next day a new one opens, replacing yesterday’s blossoms. This seems to reflect the circle of life. 

Orange day lillies remind me of orange creamcicles on hot July days. I think I might be craving a creamcicle now. Darn! I love how this variety is always reaching for the sun.

This is a new variety of hollyhock in my garden it is a creamy yellow one with a purple eye. The photo color makes it appear white, but it is more the color of buttercream frosting. Now I’m on to wanting a cupcake. Back to flowers. If I were a bee, I would tell all my bee friends about these hollyhocks. The pollen is so thick on these and the bees are always hanging out in them. I wonder if they are sweet, like cupcakes or vanilla birthday cake. πŸ˜‚

Pink hollyhocks with mauve eyes. There is nothing ordinary about these striking flowers. I can’t figure out why so many people can’t seem to grow hollyhocks. I grow a natural fence with a wall of them. They give me no guff and come back year after year. I plant about 6 new ones each spring and so I have hollyhocks every summer. I buy them at Blooming Junction on Zion Church Road. If mine get rust on the leaves, it doesn’t affect their stunning flower show of 5-8′ towering stalks.  πŸŒΊ 

Hydrangeas are heavy with their bestest blossoms in shades of lavender, periwinkle blue, mauve and baby pink, and sometimes many colors and shades all on one plant. I love to admire their watercolor like shades and thankfully, they don’t make me think of something yummy. πŸ˜‹ well, maybe lemonade, or wedding cakes, or wedding or love and love is yummy in its own funny way. β™₯️ So back to something yummy. 

What’s blooming in your garden? What do you flowers bring to your mind? 


2 thoughts on “Stop and smell the roses…

  1. I always have dessert on my mind but haven’t associated it with flowers. Some of the best cakes I’ve made I decorated with real flowers. So amazing. I didn’t know that day lilies bloom for just a day. I’m so glad you made time to blog after such grueling week.

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