These are a few of my favorite things….


What are your favorite things about Christmas?  Is it your tree and the familiar ornaments you enjoy rediscovering each year?  For me, my teenager dressed like Waldo makes me laugh.  image

I love my continually napping dogs, sharing a blanket by the fire.image

I enjoy making soap and other home made items to give as gifts to friends and neighbors.


I love sitting around and cuddling the bunnies, while watching movies.  Which Christmas movie is your favorite?


My favorite is “It’s a Wonderful Life” because it is and I adore George Bailey.


What is your favorite Christmas cookie?  Mine are Russian Tea Cakes, served with Russian tea, of course.


Some of my favorite Christmas memories were shared with my grandparents.


I always think about them and remember the fun we had at Christmas.


I love it it when my family decides to try something non-traditional, like last year’s Christmas dinner.  We had a fresh crab feed.  My grandfather would have said, “This is the best Christmas dinner we have ever had! This is the best Christmas we have ever had!”  He said that every year.  He said that every holiday.  His announcement was predictably positive and appreciative!  We say this in his honor at each meal.  My grandmother would have giggled and said, “Yes Cecil!”


My my favorite decorations are my Christmas elves who hang out all over my kitchen. They are seen here working out in front of their gingerbread house. My grandmother’s tree was decorated in all elves like these.  They remind me of her.


I could go on forever about my favorite things about Christmas. Christmas is about memories, traditions, music, family, love, remembrance, time spent with loved ones, feeling the joy of the season and for us, celebrating the birth of Jesus.  I love Christmas and I hope your heart is filled and over flowing with joy and happiness.  Celebrate these little favorite and special things and be thankful.  The little things we love about Christmas are truly the most valuable gifts that cannot be bought or wrapped.  I’d love to read about your favorite things.


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