Sunny, spring days, summertime thoughts & Mr. MacGregor’s Garden…


Spring blossoms are bursting forth, awakening memories of the bounty of summer crops.  You cannot find a better apple than local Gravenstein apples.  They make the best applesauce, apple butter and pie filling.  I canned about 30 pints of applesauce  from these local beauties.  We are down to our last few pints.  My boys will eat a chilled pint in one sitting together.  It is fantastic added to a cake or muffins and so savory when served with grilled pork chops.  If the crop is good this year I hope to put up double the amount this year.


Brady and I have been busy planting our small bunny garden patch.  We put in six tomato plants and will have a continuous supply of lettuces, radishes, carrots and yummy salad veggies.  We’ll stagger our plantings and will continue to renew our rows all summer.  Our little garden can actually produce a lot more than we expect.


This year our yard is to be featured on the friend’s of historic Forest Grove garden tour on Sunday, June 1st, 1-4pm,  so we’ve decided to transform our bunny garden into Mr. MacGregor’s garden.  Fitting with the beloved Beatrix Potter story, we will have a little scarecrow with a small blue coat, little brown shoes and a proper Scottish Tamoshanter.  If you look closely, you may even see Peter or Benjamin Bunny hiding in the garden.


Brady is also working his magic miniature gardening skills in a fairy garden, gnome gardens and a three bears cottage garden.  We hope you’ll consider coming on the tour and will come see our gardens and say hello.  Friends of Historic Forest Grove help preserve the history of our town, give grants for restoration of historic homes and help FG remain a beautiful place.


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